About me


An Unknown Soldier for Jesus Christ

 A few people have asked me why I don't use my real name or show a picture of myself. When I started this ministry in 2014, I wanted it to be all about Jesus Christ only and wanted it to be about the truth. That's where the name "Jesus is the Truth" came from. That's also where my YouTube channel name "Jesus Truth" comes from. So please don't concern yourself about who I am, but rather on what I am teaching and if it lines up with what the Bible says.

I am an unknown soldier for Jesus Christ.


My Upbringing

 In my early childhood I was raised as a Lutheran and then in my teenage years I was confirmed in the Presbyterian church. In my twenties I attended the Calvary Chapel churches. I am now in my early fifties and consider myself a non-denominational. I believe that a true Christian follows Jesus Christ only and follows the Bible only and doesn't need to label themselves with a denomination.