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Watch Sermons Here

Here are a few links to some great sermons by amazing pastors. Now you can watch these anytime at your convenience
and learn about God everyday.

David Wilkerson, in my opinion, was probably the most Holy Spirit filled pastor in the last
100 years. Unfortunately, he was killed in a car crash in 2011 at the age of 79. You can
watch many of his sermons from this YouTube channel by clicking here.

Charles Lawson's website is here and his video sermons are here.

Dr. Charles Stanley's website is here and his video sermons are here.

If your already watching a pastor that you like, be careful who you choose. Make sure the pastor reads from the Bible, uses Bible scripture, and the main emphasis is Jesus Christ. There are a lot of pastors out there that are missing the mark and have gotten away from true Bible teachings. A sign of this will be when he talks about "empowering yourself" and finding your "true inner strength". Or whenever they talk about things like "7 ways to be a better you".  This is backwards, your true inner strength should come from the Holy Spirit, not you. You are not a god!


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